The Parlour
Local Music, Food & Fun

The Challenge

In 2013, three friends took over a local icon, a now-failing, once legendary bar on a main drag in Providence. The idea: turn it into a welcoming place, known for good music, good food, and good people.

Word of mouth is key, but so is having a website!


The Goals

  • Create an easy-to-use web presence for the club
  • Integrate a prominent event calendar that they can control
  • Make the website work on phones, tablets, and any device anyone wants to use
  • Integral: changeable menu, Google Map, directions, SEO!

The Solution

In one word (yes, again)… WORDPRESS!

With a simple directive – MAKE IT! – the gentlemen at the Parlour went back to what they’re good at, and I tackled making a smart, easy-to-use site that highlights the local fun and flavor that is Providence.

We’re all proud to say, five years later, both the business and the website are still going strong!

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