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I’m Casey Dahm.
I provide professional, accessible web solutions for small businesses, non-profits and the arts.

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When you’ve been making websites since the last century, you’ve pretty much seen it all.
Yes, 1999 was actually in the last century. Sigh. That’s good news for you, though. It means there is nearly two decades of experience behind every decision made regarding your site.
So, are you ready for the next level?
Is yours a customized website that truly reflects you and the online needs and priorities of your business, with top-notch personal service from someone you can relate to?

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“I’ve gone over and over the websites, and everything looks TERRIFIC! How can I thank you? You have totally captured the feeling I wanted for my stuff! Your professional manner and attention to detail, start to finish, has been fabulous!”
Helen C. Powell

Painter & Photographer, &

“LOVE LOVE LOVE my website!!!”
Wendyll Brown


“Thanks for figuring it all out – again! You’re the best!”
Line Daems

Owner, Kreatelier

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