Narragansett Bay Quilters’ Association,
Membership Group

The Challenge

In 2013, NBQA approached me about converting their decade-old HTML site into a new, smarter environment. Part of the challenge was that they had built up a huge wealth of resources over the years – all of which needed to be brought over.

The Goals

  • Upgrade the site to be dynamic (use a database)
  • Provide all membership documents and other materials online
  • Make the website work on phones, tablets, and any device anyone wants to use
  • Give volunteers and admins the ability to contribute and approve content for the site, anytime
  • Add a calendar to easily list all events, meetings
  • Work with the project leader to organize all content into logical areas

The Solution

In one word (yes, again)… WORDPRESS!

WordPress used to be only a blogging tool. Not anymore!

Making the actual website was only half the battle – gathering, categorizing and entering all the content was the bulk of the project.

Using custom tweaks to a flexible WordPress template, we were able to create a secure, modern tool that serves as an informational tool for the public and members alike.

Take a look!

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