Pat Ferguson Quilts,
Quilt Shop

The Challenge

Pat came to me in 2014, after I created the Narragansett Bay Quilters’ Association site. She had been using a complicated shopping cart that a programmer set up for her. Unfortunately, it was expensive, hard-to-use, and less than intuitive for her customers. It also didn’t look so hot… She was losing sales, and visibility.


The Goals

  • Re-design the site to be welcoming and easy-to-use
  • Research and identify the proper e-commerce solution for her business
  • Integrate important functionalities such as email list, sale items, coupons, and custom shipping settings.

The Solution


WordPress used to be only a blogging tool. Now, with the integration of WooCommerce, it is a full-fledged shopping cart environment as well.

I worked with Pat to explore all of the options available, and make decisions regarding product images, sizes, guidelines for entering items, and more.

We settled on the right platform, got a custom site up with unique, fun design details to make her stand out, and the new site was born.

Years later, a few updates a year keep it tip-top shape, and it is still working away for Pat.

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