Wendyll Brown,
Mixed Media Painter

The Challenge

Wendyll Brown is an accomplished painter who worked with me to develop her first website in 2008. She came back after a decade to bring her gallery site up to date. From a custom-coded ColdFusion website, to a shiny new WordPress site, the process began.

With an idea of exactly what she wanted, she set me to task to make it work. We included additional custom features, such as an interactive Google Map, and the ability to see the incredible detail in her large-scale mixed media paintings

The Goals

  • Make it work on phones, tablets, and any device anyone wants to use
  • Give Wendyll the ability to edit ANYTHING on the site, anytime
  • Increase security to bring up-to-date (and out of ColdFusion)
  • Give a clean, fresh style to the site, highlighting the work

The Solution

In one word… WORDPRESS!

WordPress used to be only a blogging tool. Not anymore!

Using the design elements first set nearly 10 years ago, I converted everything to a new, responsive site, that works on anything, anywhere. Not only is that convenient, but search engines REQUIRE it now. Wendyll can also update images, text and prices anytime she wants, on any device – TOTAL CONTROL.

The entire site is now SSL (that green lock in the top-left of your browser URL), another requirement looming for all sites. Is yours?

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