Brick & Mortar / Online Store

The Challenge

For nearly ten years, the ladies at Kreatelier were happy with the original online store we set up. Fortunately for them, they kept growing, and grew right out of their site. They needed a new solution.

The Goals

  • Integrate the day-to-day store’s stock in real-time with online sales
  • Make the website work on phones, tablets, and any device anyone wants to use
  • Give employees and admins the ability to contribute and approve content for the site, anytime
  • Increase security to bring up-to-date

The Solution

Line, the owner of Kreatelier, already used Lightspeed Retail® to control her in-house inventory, and was considering implementing their online tool, eCom.

Together, we identified their needs and researched whether this tool would fit – and it did!

Their current product selection was imported directly into the new platform, and we customized the otherwise bland template available to match their branding and highlight their home decor and sewing workshops.

Mission accomplished!

“Thank you so much Casey. I’m happy you could [figure it out] it because it drove me crazy!
You’re the best!”

Line Daems

Owner, Kreatelier

Take a look!

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