Helen C. Powell,
Painter & Photographer

The Challenge

Helen has enjoyed painting and photography for her entire life, and decided it was time to get herself out there, on the internet. But where to start?

Helen did what many do – she looked at the site of an artist she liked, then looked at who made it. And the process began!

The Goals

  • Create a clean look that highlights the work, not distracts from it.
  • Have a 24-hour gallery that anyone can find at any time
  • Separate the work in TWO distinct online gallery sites – one for photography and one for her paintings.
  • Within the sites, provide the art sorted by subject matter / category (e.g. Golf).
  • Make the website work on phones, tablets, and any device anyone wants to use
  • Provide alternative views and framing options.
  • Easily accessible contact and gallery information

The Solution

WordPress used to be only a blogging tool. Not anymore!

After discussing Helen’s needs, we found and customized a template to her liking, than replicated that look for the second site. This had the added advantage of having the sites be separate, yet still related.

Nuanced links throughout the site mention the other, and both sites now operate in a symbiotic way.

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