Aaron Washington, Personal Trainer

The Challenge

Aaron Washington came to me through one of his favorite admirers, a client. He was so impressed with Aaron’s ability as a trainer, he insisted his business needed a website to market his services more broadly.

The Goals

  • Create an attractive site to highlight Aaron’s personality and abilities as a personal trainer
  • Incorporate testimonials and locations to further boost the marketing potential
  • Provide fun tools like BMI calculators and other fitness measurements.
  • Create space for future growth, such as video workouts and tips

The Solution

I worked with Aaron to gather pictures and a general idea of what he wanted. Using his description, I searched the annals of the internet for a theme that was fitness-focused, but also could be totally customized for his own look and needs.

Within a few weeks, Aaron had a website up and working for him, with the knowledge that it can grow with him!

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